This coloring hair low maintenance saves you trips to the salon to touch up the roots, and can easily be done at home . The look is sloppy and inaccurate, making it difficult to spoil. Make sure you choose the right dye, depending on whether your hair is naturally light or glare. Trying to lighten  style your hair  dyed at home can produce outrageous color changes and chemical damage. If hair is already naturally light reflexes or clear, simply dyed darker roots.


Divide the hair by the cento and below the ears to make three sections. Place a clamp around the hair behind the ears and on the two front sections separately.

Hair Color

Apply petroleum jelly to the area of ​​growth to protect the skin from the dye. Place a thin layer around the growth near the roots.

Mix the dye according to package directions. Do this before using it, to start doing it as soon as it is mixed. Mix the dye well in advance you can change the color.

Generously apply the color to roots, starting at the front. Use your fingers to spread the color, to about one-third the length of the hair. The color should be more concentrated in the roots, so do not reapply color over an inch (2.5 centimeters) from the root.

Use a brush to dye or clean toothbrush to distribute the color, stopping to demarcate different lengths to avoid a line where the color ends. To give a more natural look, distribute it as you would with darker reflections, leaving a few strands in their natural tone.

Applies a permanent color at the tips to clarify and give them a more artistic look. Do not try to clear up a hair and rinse. The color should be lighter at the tips, so apply it and use your fingers or a brush to distribute the dye to color up. To give a more natural look, leaving the tips clear some strands in their natural tone.

Leave color by the time indicated on the package instructions.

When adequate time has passed, rinse and condition according to package directions. Dry with hair dryer and comb.