There are many ways to customize your shoes and make them yours. Get creative with a pair you already have and need a change, or buy a cheap pair and have fun with it. Children can enjoy decorating shoes and make them look different from others. Let them go crazy in the craft store and pick some decorations for your shoes.





Decorate your shoes with fabric paint. Make drawings with templates or freehand. Pinto parts of the shoes with different colors. Paint spots or zigzags all over the shoe. Choose a topic for shoes and take out, can be ladybugs, hearts or other.



Paste the decorations on the shoes with a hot glue gun. Some ideas include: artificial flowers, ribbon bows, rhinestones and crystals or pearls. Make a pattern with rhinestones and heart shaped happy face. Tie a large loop and insert it into the back of the shoe to make a nice decoration. You can stick a pair of brightly colored artificial flowers on the top or side of the shoe.




Draw pictures on shoes with fabric markers. Write a part of the lyrics of your favorite song, poem, slogan or saying. Write a joke that makes you laugh, or just doodling.



Cut pieces of fabric with shapes and glue on shoes. Cut squares of fabric to create a patchwork look, or cut a red fabric heart. Use fabric scraps to make cool designs and interesting patterns on your shoes.



Choose a theme. If you like the film “Harry Potter”, using fabric markers fine tip to draw characters or elements of the films, as the Sorting Hat, Dobby, and wands, or stars and candles. Make each shoe completely different, and add rhinestones or sequins to make them even more special.



Put some cords interesting. Remove the cords that come with the shoes and wears colored satin ribbon, lace or bright laces theme.