Stiletto heels make your legs look long with thin, pointed heel, measuring up to 12 inches. Besides adding a sultry look to any outfit, stilettos do not provide much comfort to the feet of a woman. Make your stiletto heel is comfortable with templates designed specifically for high-heeled shoes, providing support for both the heel to the floor of the foot. Pay attention to your posture, and wear your stilettos frequently to make the shoes are comfortable and ready to use.

high heels are comfortable





Get package templates and slide each on the inside of the stiletto shoe. Press down firmly to ensure the inclusion of the template in the shoe. Peel off the protective paper that is in the back if you use gel insoles to prevent movement during use.



Remove the backing that is in the back of the gripping pads for soles and apply to the sole of each shoe. Press the pad down with the palm of the hands for 30 seconds to secure the pad to the sole of the shoe. The grip pad provides added safety when walking in stilettos, preventing you from slipping on smooth surfaces.




Hold the heel of the shoe in one hand and the front with the other hand. Fold the front up and down by hand to soften the sole and upper leather, plastic or fabric of each shoe, where the foot bends during walking. Fold each shoe will help to soften the material, making your stiletto shoes more comfortable.



Use the high heels at home while doing chores to mold the shoe to the shape of your feet, making them more comfortable to wear. Templates high heels shoes are also adapted to the shape of your feet when you use the shoes. Avoid wearing stilettos after buying to avoid injuries in the ankles and toes.



Stand with an erect posture when using stilettos. Take small steps to prevent injury to the muscles of the legs and relieve weight on the ankle. Place one foot in front of the other to walk with stiletto heel shoes, allowing your hips to swing from one side to another. Supports heel first and then the tip when walking to allow the feet to flex while walking.