Whether you dress for a wedding, party or work for a night of fun, your dress should help you feel better. If you want to look a little thin (and who does not?), Choose a dress that will help your body look taller and slimmer. Here is the trick to look thinner in a dress.

Cuts and styles
The ideal cut depends on your body type, of course, but some basic rules apply to all: find a dress that you a line clearly defined waist, looking for a skirt that comes to you just above the knee or ankle and make sure your problem areas are minimized. For example, if you have wide hips, you can hide them with a skirt or empire waist line A. If you are wide at the top, look for an A-line skirt with lots of volume.

Look thinner


Patterns, colors and fabrics
The black is famous for being a colored slimming. All dressed in black and having a black belt will make you look thinner, like other dark colors like navy, brown and burgundy. Small prints and ornaments also make you look smaller. dresses in fluid fabrics look more elegant skin-tight, sticky and thick fabrics or stiff fabrics. For structure, used underwear silky fabric.

Large errors
Stay away from large prints and horizontal stripes, which I do not make anyone look slimmer. Do not wear baggy clothes, no way , loose-fitting clothing that hides your body, but you will never take that slender look. On the other hand, do not show too much, the super short dresses can be sexy, but longer skirts give you a sleek silhouette. And do not try to fit into a smaller size, or in too tight dresses that make you look fuller. Cut the label later if you do not want to see the size, nobody will ever know.


More tricks to look thinner
High heels are a foolproof strategy to look thinner, if you select high stilettos to form naturally thin or thick if you have curves. If you can bear it, consider using belts, like the Spanx, yes, it is possible that you can not breathe, but you will have a smoother, slimmer figure. The dark stockings can also thin the thick legs. Make sure to stand up straight, you’ll look and you’ll feel better with good posture. Finally, do not forget to smile, nothing makes you as truly beautiful as happiness.