Learn how to find your skin tone can make big differences in your wardrobe, color of hair and options for makeup . Know what colors look good on you, and as fix as appropriate, is an easy and instant boost of confidence. If your skin tone is cold, combined with cool colors like blue, purple and gray, if it evokes warm natural tones such as reds, yellows and browns. If your skin tone is between these two extremes, it’s your lucky day: you can use a wide range of color options.


Check out the veins of the interiors of your wrists. If they are blue-purple, put a tick in the “cold” column. If they are bluish-green, “warm” gets a point.

how to find your skin tone

Holding a piece of silver jewelry on your arm or neck and look in the mirror. Is beautifully reflected in your skin or makes it look dull?. If you like the effect, you are directed to the “cool” category. Repeat with a piece of gold jewelry, if you prefer the look of the gold against your skin, you’re in the warm range.

Take tracks your eye color and natural hair. Blue, gray and dark brown eyes indicate a cool skin tone, while girls tend to have warm tones hazel eyes, green or light brown. Similarly, if your natural hair tone can be described with words like “gold” and “honey” are more likely to have a warm skin tone, cool tones of hair is ash blonde, jet black or brown without reddish tones.

Holding different colored sheets of paper in front of your face, look in the mirror and notes how different colors look against your skin, and if those colors are cold (again, think blue, green and purple) or warm (red, orange, yellow).

Collect all the evidence and see where you fall on the spectrum of skin tones. It may not completely’re in one category or another, and that’s fine. Stick with what you’ve learned, and jewelry that uses colors look good against your skin, but fear not break the rules occasionally. Just because your skin tone is warm does not mean you can never wear a blue shirt or a silver necklace again! This is only a general guide.