It is known that sponges usually collect a lot of dirt. Always be wet, to a greater or lesser extent while retaining a minimum of moisture and its porous material makes them a place where microorganisms thrive in a fast and then it is almost not possible to eliminate to create it serve. In the case of makeup sponges they will also moisture trapping small dead skin debris that are almost microscopic making that they become a source of infection soon after use. Obviously, this is a health issue as well as cosmetic level.

remove bacteria from makeup sponges

Not surprisingly, stop by our face a sponge full of pollution ends up causing all sorts of problems from the appearance of little bumps or rashes and redness to possible diseases or worsening of a skin problem we had in go forward such as acne allergies or dermatitis of any type. What to do in these cases we substitute another from time to time? Suffice it to wash with assonated water or put it to soak in for a few minutes to leave as new. Moreover, thanks to the soothing and healing properties healing and mild antibiotic effect ozone get the sponge to apply your face ends up being a real beauty treatment.

Suffice it to do so frequently. Similarly, we can use resonated water to clean sponge’s makeup it will be useful to do the same with sponges low mittens brushes horsehair toothbrushes and almost any other fashion accessory to hygiene and cosmetics. In addition, we achieve great consequences if we showered or associated water rinses. All of these uses will require the apparatus suitable ozone may be essential to have several of them to achieve an ideal combination to make the most when it comes to keeping our home sanitized and deodorized in depth.