Petite women are measuring 5’4 “(1.62 meters) or less often, the smaller the body, the harder it is to buy flattering styles. ‘s clothing you choose should not overwhelm your height but must look fashionable . Fortunately, the fashion industry has learned to meet the needs of petite women and offers a variety of styles that complement your figure.
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Use vertical stripes to give the illusion of having a long body with the opposite effect of horizontal stripes, which can make you look wider. A pinstripe suit is perfect for a day at work or a night semi-casual in the city. The striped blouses and dresses have the same effect. Combine with some nice heels to make your body look even higher.

Buy tops and bottoms (pants, skirts, etc …) of the same or similar colors. Combine these pieces to achieve an elegant image of a single color. The more patterns having the fabric, the overwhelming body can be for a short. Break the monochrome image with colorful accessories, but make sure that the shoes are of a similar tone to blend with the outfit and have this flow from top to bottom.
Choose jeans and skirts with a high waist to give the appearance of longer legs. The skinny jeans are recommended for women with body as hourglass, but Cowboys wide boots work well provided they are combined with a tight blouse. Avoid using bultosas blouses and sweaters big as a small body can get lost in these styles.

Buy a variety of shoes with heels of not less than 1 1/2 inches (3.8 centimeters). No need to use heels higher available and they are often very uncomfortable, especially if you use them all day. Flat shoes are acceptable if you combine them with short skirts. Stay away from wide buckled shoes or ribbons as they give the same appearance horizontal stripes want to avoid when choosing.