The first question you have when you decide to be a model is where do I start? The first thing is to decide what kind of model you want to be or can become not all apply to all. There are different types of models and not all have perfect pass measures. Advertising model (tv). In this, case it all. The more you approach the advertising model “type” you see in all this have more opportunities to work. However, he thinks that advertisers do not always want to give a picture of perfection and sometimes need normal people.


The important thing here would be Pamper skin care smile a stunning carefully smile will give many points as you always ask smile on the castings and is very important to have good teeth with skin care I mean not nail biting not to have elbows and cracked heels dry skin excessively etc. Nails and hands is something we must take into account. This is the same for boys than for girls.

Here we take a step further. We would focus not only advertising model for TV, but also would opt to clothing catalogs or products such as jewelry watches etc. Here, chances are you need and measure at least 1.70 cm tall without heels no use to delude the agency because they will take steps when you go to the interview. Also, have to be a size 36, maybe a 38, but only if you have a very striking profile and be a 38 very close to 36.

In the case of the guys I feel tell you that you have to be higher girls, always will require greater height relative to the body and the more defined better. The prototype of person who takes care of the gym is very fashionable. No need to have abs of film but it is important not to be too mushy. This is the strictest case and where very few can get and stay. A runway model should not be less than 1.78 cm or have more than the 34 or 36 just.

As for people, in this case that ye be better defined not too thin nor overdo with proteins and gym. If you have this profile you can not only parading but you will choose to star known perfume firms firms known clothing and many other prestigious jobs as covers for Vogue, ELLE, Cosmopolitan, etc. Some of them have a delegation in Madrid and Barcelona.