The Angels have a lovely way in the parades we women were drooling when we watch those wonderful parades of Victoria’s Secret! The lingerie is the maximum, and the models are simply wonderful! In today’s article, we will tell you that the very Angels say about how you should act to be a true Angel on the catwalk. We went to the store Victoria’s Secret in New Bond Street to talk to some of the Angels, notebooks in hand, eager to discover the secret of how to be a model for Victoria’s Secret.

being a model

Be confident with your underwear

But do not worry, even Candice admits she found it difficult, first at first you’re not used to being in front of so many people with her lingerie and being so exposed, but even if you are not 100% confident, only try to give your best. It really worked. You see it in the final product so it’s very important be confident.

We do not do that much in real life, but on the catwalk of Victoria’s Secret Show, this is an important move. All of them, Candice, Alexandra and Elsa told us not to think too much about it, she had a particular idol. She told us: “I get the icons of inspiration as Marilyn Monroe, as when she got out of the car or plane or something and she just throw a kiss.

Work with friends

The catwalk of Victoria’s Secret Show is definitely a sports team – the VS models all look like best friends. Candice agrees, telling us:

Obliterate Baby bump

If you ever watched the VS Fashion Show, you will notice that all models devastate the catwalk as if they the over. We know that it all has to do with confidence, but do they spend hours practicing. Elsa gives us an honest answer. It is our job to walk on the catwalk, so we practice a lot. You just feel the energy, walk with music show your personality, and have fun there.

This is going personality attitude and confidence. You just have to do your best. Become a model of Victoria’s Secret is not easy and Elsa confirms this, telling us. It is a huge journey to get here some of us has been working for 10-15 years as models and deal with a lot of rejection. It is a long process and then finally we got here and we are Angels.

All models of Victoria’s Secret are great on it should be part of the job description. Do they have a favorite filter? Well, when we ask this, Candice seemed a little confused and yes, Candice has a favorite filter Nashville totally knew where we were coming she revealed that the is the favorite filter because it is alive and well.

Candice has these wise words: The best thing is to do what comes naturally. I always try and prepare, like “oh, I should do it at the end because there is one time you need to capture the camera at the end of the runway. But it never works if I prepare, so I kind of leave there and do anything I feel and it comes naturally.