In this entry, we will tell you about 10 home beauty treatments that can ruin your skin and cause serious damage to it. Avoid the following treatments completely and opt for beauty products that are approved by dermatologists, none and free of oil.

Remove blackheads with glue

Using glue to remove pimples seems like a good idea, but this is a home treatment that you should definitely avoid. Beauty gurus insist that this method of applying glue to the nose and letting it dry for 20 minutes before loosening it is the secret to getting rid of blackheads and blackheads forever. However, putting glue on the skin can cause an allergic reaction even if it says it is not toxic. The ingredients of most of these products can clog pores, which will lead to more pimples in the end.

Homemade Beauty Treatments

Ethyl Alcohol to Fight Acne

It can be tempting to apply ethyl alcohol in areas where acne is present to help dry and quickly get rid of that pimple that covers almost the entire face. However, using alcohol on your skin is definitely a bad thing as well. Although alcohol can help fight bacteria that cause acne, using a rough ingredient like this directly on the skin can lead to it peeling. This antibacterial disinfectant dries and damages the skin leaving it irritated.

Avoid washing your face with liquid dish soap

Although the dish soap gets rid of the oil in your pots and pans, it was not designed to fight the fat on the skin. The chemical ingredients contained in dish washing liquid soap can actually peel off your delicate skin from the natural oils it needs to keep you looking young. So for a person with oily skin, this can make you feel better for a few hours. You will realize that the more you use it the skin will turn from fat to dry. This is where the nightmare begins.

Lemon as deodorant

Lemon has been used as a natural deodorant alternative. Some believe that the acidity of lemons helps prevent sweating get rid of the bacteria that cause the underarm odor. This may be true, but this home treatment does more harm than good. Due to its acidic nature, rubbing the lemon juice under the sensitive skin in the armpits can lead to irritation, blisters and painful burns.

Fix makeup with hair spray

The spray is the key to keeping the hairstyle in place, but it should definitely not be used to fix the make-up. This trick has been gaining strength in recent years, and can cause some major damage to the skin. The ingredients in most hair fixatives (lacquer) include a high alcohol content and other harmful chemicals and toxins that one should not spray on their face. If you leave hair spray on the skin, you can remove all the moisture, which leads to a dry and scaly skin that may look dull and lifeless. In addition, it can suffocate your pores and lead to skin irritation and acne breakouts.

Hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening

Many dentists do not recommend regular use of hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash. Regular use can cause gum irritation and can be too hard for those with crowns, fillers and dental implants. Some dentists believe that hydrogen peroxide can safely be used as a mouthwash if diluted with a mixture of water and Listerine.

But because it can be so hard on gums and tooth enamel, it should only be used if it is recommended by a dentist. Other oral rinses available contain hydrogen peroxide and can be less abrasive and therefore more suitable for regular use. Hydrogen peroxide alone should not be used for dental purposes in the home unless directed by a dentist.

Sugar as a scrub for the face

Sugar is a common ingredient in most home beauty treatments to exfoliate the skin. The texture of the sugar is too hard to be used on the face and can lead to inflammation and irritation. After a sugar scrub, the skin will be more vulnerable to dryness.

Egg white as a facemask

Many people are convinced to use the egg white on the face because it is the secret to get rid of pimples and one of the best ways to achieve a healthy young skin. However, using egg whites as a facemask is a recipe for disaster. Not only do you run the risk of getting salmonella by laying raw eggs on your skin. Even some who have tried this home treatment have experienced negative reactions, including clogged pores and acne breakouts. So avoid rubbing raw eggs on your skin, and keep them for your morning breakfast instead.

Vaseline to prevent wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin

Vaseline has been considered as the sacred ingredient of home treatments to help prevent wrinkles. It actually does not prevent wrinkles, and putting too much on the face what it does is smother the pores and cause acne breakout.

Toothpaste to eliminate acne

One of the home remedies to eliminate acne quickly is to apply toothpaste. What it actually does on the skin is to cause redness, irritation and even burns. Many people say that it has really worked and they put a little on the shin before bed. When they wake up in the morning, their granite has miraculously disappeared. Toothpaste is not a dermatological treatment for acne. Some may not contain antibacterial ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide. If it is used too often, it can peel the skin. If the outbreaks persist, consult a dermatologist.