Highlight the features to achieve a perfect makeup is much easier than you think and you do not need to be a specialist to do it. Then I want to show how to highlight your most excellent features with these Turks simple makeup.

Get the right products

To highlight your features only need two crop in addition to your usual makeup: a highlighter or shadow matte color (cream or powder) and a thin brush. Both cream and powder shadow give similar results have exquisite natural finish and serve to attain a smooth contour. Of course, before choosing the shadow color make sure it is darker than your skin tone.

Enhances your cheekbones

It is important to know where exactly your cheekbones must place the highlighter. Sink your cheeks and then working on the cheekbones apply it along and just below the sunken area. Stop two or three centimeters before reaching the corner of his mouth and blend well all the makeup to prevent too note. Finally, apply blush you use always easily and without exaggeration.

contouring makeup tricks

Frame your eyes

Always choose one or two points to place the highlight. For example, place a small amount of makeup in the tear and spread it well to make your eyes look much bigger. Maquillage then your shade and eyeliner as you do usual.

Highlights your lips

As for your mouth apply some highlighter just above the Cupid’s bow and then paint your lips as you normally do. Remember to give more shape you can delineate with a particular lip pencil that is of a similar lipstick you use frequently color.

Know the shape of your face

Also, consider that not all rules to highlight your skin apply to all faces. This means you have to know the shape of your face to find out the type of makeup you should use. In the occasion that your face is round it is significant that controlees the area below the cheekbones to refine your chin area and make it look more stylish. However, if your face is long you better put a little highlighter on the brow area and chin to make it look small rounder and less sharp angles