Hermes, a luxury brand known for its clothing and leather accessories retail, began as a carriage harness shop in 1837. With a focus on wrought iron, Hermes really does not produce a leather product until 1800 when he came with his first collection of leather saddles, according to Thomas and Jay Derdak Pederson’s “International directory of company histories: Volume 34”. leather goods and handbags handmade Hermes are available in a variety of skins, from deer and beef up alligators and crocodiles.

Handbag Styles

Some of the most iconic and sought after handbags are made by Hermes, as noted Charlote Williamson and Maggie Davis in the book “101 Things to Buy Before You Die”. The two Hermes handbags are famous bag “Kelly”, because the actress Grace Kelly and bag “Constance”, which was worn by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. The bag “Kelly”, originally called “Sac à Dépêches” is a superior medium sized handles that also has a shoulder strap. Bag “Constance” is a bit smaller, with a thicker shoulder strap and signature double “H” buckle closure.

Hermes has more than one large bag in your arsenal, including bags “Birkin” and “Bolide”, which offer more space than smaller bags. British actress Jane Birkin complained that the average size of the bag “Kelly” was too small and collaborated with Hermes to create a larger bag, says Stephanie Pedersen in her book “Handbags: What Every Woman Should Know”. Dubbed the bag “Birkin”, this huge portfolio has a similar shape and similar to the bag “Kelly” trapezoid. Another big bag is the “Bolide” which was created by Emile-Maurice Hermes for the company in 1922 as an overnight bag for his wife. It zips domed on top and is available with a shoulder strap.

Cross Body
Through the years, Hermes has adapted its bags to the styles and fashion of the time. Cross bags were additions to its Autumn 2008 and included in his collection ever since. The bag “Jypsiere” is a crossover messenger bag, a less formal than the bag “Kelly”. The “Jypsiere” has nearly a saddlebag construction and adjustable shoulder strap. Another cross body that made its debut in the 2008 collection was the “Evelyne III”, which is a messenger bag with zip top.

The envelope bag is a staple in women’s wardrobe, as it can add a chic sophistication to use during the night, according to Francine Maroukian and Sarah Woodruff in “The Handbook of Style: Expert Fashion and Beauty Advice”. Hermes has a more elegant envelope without metal equipment or chains, called “Jige”. The “Jige” is an envelope style leather or satin fastened with a narrow strip of leather that passes through the trademark “H”. As distinguished as other Hermes bags, this envelope is available in various sizes, from a miniature evening bag to a larger portfolio.