The skin is our largest organ and more to play a role in beauty, has a responsibility to protect the body from all external agents: contamination, microorganisms and sunlight, among others. Since ancient care has been essential in the life of every person because, being so exposed to various environmental factors, it tends to weaken and develop several unsightly conditions.

However, in the quest to achieve perfect skin and beautiful, often they overlooked certain things that are important for proper care. It is therefore very important to know what your needs are and what we can do to address each of them. If you would like to know healthy spa information you could choose spas in Phoenix.


Take hot showers

In many cases you may need to shower with hot water, either because it’s very cold or because it is a disease afflicting. The thing is that you cannot become a daily habit because, although they are very relaxing, you fall badly to the skin, because they decrease its natural oils and cause dryness and itching. In fact, in some cases the habit is worse because the person combines hot shower soaps with harsh chemicals, which eventually cause peeling.

 Makeup not for long time

For no reason should leave the makeup overnight at bedtime. During the break chemical you can do much damage to the skin to prevent cells oxygenate to repair. Every day before going to bed is very important to remove all traces of makeup and, if possible, cool the skin with a tonic.

Tan too much

The consequences of tanning are reflected over the years through skin disorders, premature aging and in worst cases, skin cancer.

Dry hard

Some people have a bad habit of drying out strongly after the shower or somehow moisturize your skin. This action is not recommended because it can influence the deterioration of natural oils and cause irritation. The best way is with a soft towel by patting without stretch delicate skin.

Do not exfoliate the skin

The peel is a treatment that should not be done frequently, but neither should be ignored. Many people are justified by the lack of time or tiredness after work to not exfoliate your skin and deliver the care required to regenerate. The truth is that this treatment is essential because it is the most effective way to remove dead cells that are being accumulated as a result of sun exposure and pollution.

Squeeze acne pimples

Those pesky acne pimples are unsightly and often appear in different areas of the face and body at the same time. For many it is a whole tighten temptation because at first glance appears to be the fastest solution to remove the skin. But in reality, what happens when you do this, is that the skin is irritated, infected and can be ugly scars difficult to remove.

Touching the face too

It may be an involuntary action, but doing so is being face dust, germs and other agents that accumulate in the hands and can clog pores causing acne or blackheads. In this sense, it is very important to keep hands clean in order to prevent microorganisms and dirt comes to face contact.

It is also essential to clean the cell frequently, because these rubbing of the face to answer calls and although they may not notice at first glance, are contaminated by bacteria.