It has already begun the first catwalk of the year with the Paris fashion week, which brings together the Haute Couture collections of the most recognized companies in the world of fashion. During these days we will enjoy large Collections spring/summer 2013, but we want to emphasize that we like of all the parades.

As it could not be otherwise, we started with the 2013 Christian Dior haute couture spring-summer collection. Simply the presentation captivated everyone, and is the designer Raf Simons created a garden in the style of “Alice in Wonderland” by which the models paraded and wore their impressive proposals.



haute couture

We already know that the pastel colors are going to be the next spring-summer 2013 trend, and the maison has wanted to give them a leading role within this collection. Although on the contrary extreme, we find more summer proposals, full of color and even with shades fluorine colliding with the first getting a careful look and original.

The white cobra prominence even as wedding proposals, with dresses different, original and characteristic of Dior and elegant touch.

The flowers take a special role within this collection. They maintain the elegance which we spoke of, giving a very special touch to dresses. From more subtle proposals to the more showy flowers, the garden of his proposals joined of the catwalk. We must take care of all the details.

The variety of figures is another key in this spring-summer 2013 haute couture collection. We find proposals with symmetrical necklines that will always be a foolproof classic for any event, and balloon figures that give volume to dresses with subtle embroidery included.

The most elegant and spectacular dresses are present in the proposals presented to us Dior on the runway. The drapes, prints and color combinations are the protagonists in these proposals.

Male-style trousers give a more serious and formal to the collection. Combinations with drapery and floral body, or with blazers creating simple and elegant pants suits.

One of the great forgotten on the catwalks are the means and the most essential complements. On this occasion the bushy colored stockings are protagonists and the importance they deserve, getting risky contrasts while loaded with style and personality.