Making handmade jewelry is a great way to explore your creativity. You can also use this jewelry to beautify your wardrobe and make great gifts. There are many types of jewelry that you can do by hand, but it is wise to start with simple forms of jewelry. Always will progressively build designs more complicated as you make your jewelry improving your skills. Start making a simple beaded necklace hand.

handmade jewelry


Choose your accounts. You can buy ready-made accounts of a craft store. These few are typically of precious metal, glass, crystal, gems, plastic and wood. You can even make your own accounts using paper or clay. See the Resources section for articles within this website on how to do that.



Draw your design on paper necklace. Make sure you do it on a firm surface.
Cut the wire accounts. You will have to cut 5 inches (12.7 cm) larger than that measured your necklace. If you are doing a short necklace, cut 20-inch (50.8 cm).

Ata at the end of the wire bead clasp. You must enter a round rivet and snap on a piece of wire. Then enter the final round wire behind the rivet. Use your tool to bend round to flatten the rivet so that it locks into place.

Slide the accounts in the Soft-flex wire. The Sotf-Flex wire is rigid enough to introduce the beads without using a needle.

Connect the finishing touch to our necklace. You will have a brooch necklace Remaining in to your necklace. Again, a crimped yarn slides into the collar and then the piece of clip. Pull the end of the thread back through the beads and pull the cable so that the collar is tight. There should be no space between accounts. Accounts with deformed claws, and cut off any excess thread.