If you make your own handbags and purses , make your own tote bag opens many more design possibilities using prefabricated loops. The custom can be replaced easily too, simplifying the exchange of a purse to a handbag by simply changing the handles. Make your own tote is also more economical to buy them.

own handbags

1/2 yard of the same fabric as the bag, or one that matches A piece of wadding quilted the same length as desired for the handles, and double-width Thread that matches the fabric A sewing machineFull list.


Determine the length and width you would like to have the handles. Add half an inch to both measurements for your margins for seams. Cut four pieces to this measure. For example, if you have the handles like twenty inches long and two wide, cut off the handles to a width of two inches, and a length of twenty inches and a half. If the fabric is not large enough to cut a piece as big as your handle, divide the length in half, added an inch to this measurement and cut eight pieces of this length. For example, for twenty handles two inches short eight pieces, each two inches by eleven thirty.

Cut the batting to fit the length and width of the handle, including allowance for half-inch seams.

If you do the handles of eight pieces, sew the pieces of the short ends together to make a full length piece. Repeat to make four pieces of handle. If you make four pieces, skip Step 3 and proceed to Step 4.

Place the right sides of the handle parts together and places a piece of wadding on the two laminated pieces of fabric. Stitching the two long sides of the handles. Put them in the right.

Press the handles and sew stitch it a quarter of an inch from the edge on both long sides. Attach them to the bag as you wish, bending under the short edges untreated or enclosing them inside the bottom of the bag.