In the 1950s, fashion was of femininity, beauty and etiquette, and handbags were designed to coincide with the spirit of the times, according to the book “Fashion Accessories” (Fashion Accessories ) Gerval Olivier. Women sought fashion handbags parading on the big screen, and bags worn by people like Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe were in demand. The industry even took care of the more frugal shopper, offering cheaper models made with less expensive materials.

 Hand Bags Woman

According to Stephanie Pedersen’s book “Handbags: What Every Woman Should Know” (Handbags: What Every Woman Should Know), there was a label handbags recommended for women 1950: women who had a thick torso and broad shoulders were advised to avoid handbags with short straps, not add more weight on the waist. Similarly, women with pear shape were warned not to carry bags with long straps that fell below the waist. Other curiosities of the label advised women carry handbags to complement your size. For example, small women should stick to small bags and big women should wear larger bags.

The strapless handbag
A strapless handbag was desired for the night and came in a variety of styles and shapes, as they say in the book “Making Handbags: Retro, chic, luxurious” (Making Handbags: Retro, Chic and Luxury) by Ellen Goldstein-Lynch, Sarah Mullins and Nicole Malone. Defined as a small bag strapless styles ranging from the conservative form of the Expandable accordion silhouette extravagant. From glitzy sequins to shiny satins, these 1950 handbags were designed to be a brilliant detail with evening clothes.

The square bag
The square bag was the choice for daywear in the 1950s, as quoted in the book of Stephanie Pedersen. The bucket type bag was made with many materials from snakeskin raffia. Topping this bag contained a carved top handle. Some square bags tend to look like a lunch box with a handle, while others seem a cosmetic case two man. In mid-1950, a new bag became fashionable square, made of “Lucite”, which was a durable acrylic design. Loved by movie stars and singers, the luxurious Lucite was expensive, so it was used only in high-end square bags. Cheapest plastic bags, plastic made with less expensive and more fragile sold in discount stores.

Shoulder bag, also known as satchel, it was popular to wear during the day and sometimes casual attire. One of the most stylish bags of the decade was the “2.55” Coco Chanel, as stated in the book “Hand Bags: a Lexicon of Style” (Handbags: A style icon) Valerie Steele and Laird Borrelli . This quilted handbag with its long golden chain is still popular today. Other portfolios for daywear including shoulder bags oversized popular travel and leisure and small wallets purse type to use for the weekend, both were made from cowhide.

The bag ‘Kelly’
When Grace Kelly wore a Hermes handbag “Sac Haut a Courroies” to distract the paparazzi from her baby belly, drew attention to what became one of the most iconic handbags fashion, according to the book of Anna Johnson “Handbags: the power of the purse” (Handbags: the power of the purse). Although the handbag was created in 1935, was renamed “Kelly” in 1956 by the actress. Rectangular, with a handle that makes it suitable for use in the arm, the Kelly bag became one of the most sought for the mature and sophisticated 1950s.