Valentine’s day It is in sight, and as I have said on occasion, must be prepared with time to be more than perfect on such a special day. You can bet on any of the trends in hairstyles spring, but also for romantic hairstyles perfect for that day.

If you need a little inspiration to get the hairstyle perfect for Valentines, we give you some ideas that are sure to help you with the ‘problem’.

hairstyles romantic

Romantic natural waves

Naturalness is always a fairly successful bet, so the natural waves in the air will be your ideal for any type of hair styling. It is true that a good hair gives much more play, but with the short hair you can also enhance waves and volume with ease. So the waves are more loose, passed a comb between them gently so that they expand.

The romantic image is more than safe, but you can also get this point sexy and provocative that you fall in love with your partner.

Although it seems a contradiction, the dishevelled collected are the ideal choice if at the end of the day you are going in a hurry and don’t have time to arrange your hair all that you would like to. Not having to comb each section of hair to the millimeter, the hair style is elegant and sophisticated but with the personal touch and rebel perfect.

Collected basses are the key and it will take you very little to let you them. If you want you can include some braid to give that romantic touch key.


Finally, braids are quintessential romantic hairstyle. You can bet your version more carefree and natural such as braids simple, by the most rebellious style, or his more romantic version including it in your favorite hairstyle or small nuances in your hair.

You choose what is the most romantic hairstyle for Valentine!