As few women have a perfect face, many looking hairstyles for women that promote and conceal facial flaws as a long or big nose. There are many hairstyles that are for women with nostrils large . However, it is important to avoid styles that draw attention to problem areas.

A fit your bangs can be done quickly and serves to balance the facial features. Bangs in all lengths and styles are recognized by the hair add an extra element, while concealing or minimizing the appearance of some areas of the face. Keep a smooth cut and shredded for a better result, this will provide greater depth and dimension to the face, distracting unwanted features. Side bangs are especially suitable for women with prominent noses. This type of bangs should be kept long enough for best results, and reach at least the top of the cheekbone. Thus, lengthen and stylize the entire face, and the nose looks more proportionate.

hairstyles for women

Layered cuts
The layered hair of any length is ideal to cover areas of the face which does not want to attract attention. Layers not only give your face a smoother appearance, but help create a visually appealing style that will separate the focus of the face. Use highlights and low lights in layers to add even more dimension to hair.

Asymmetric cuts
Asymmetric cuts often do wonders in women with prominent features like a long nose. A bob asymmetrical test in which one side of the hair is long and the other is short. The clean and angular cuts give structure to the hair and face area, and the added element of the difference in length diverts attention from the nose to the sides of the face and head. This can also be angled cut bangs or different lengths. For example, a fringe that ends just above the right eye, but angled down to cover or partially cover the left eye.

Tips for your hair
Styles with curls, waves or volume generally emphasize a long or prominent nose due to increased volume. When you want to hide a feature is important to keep the hair without ruffle, smooth and soft. Most stylists recommend comb the hair back from the face, or, of course, use a full or bangs to the side regardless of the court. This makes the sides of the face look fuller, minimizing the focus on the nose and making the face more aesthetic and balanced.

Styles to Avoid
Avoid very short cuts. Such cuts look best on women of small stature and small face, and having no hair around the face transform the face (and nose) at the focal point. Also avoid flat and one-dimensional non-layered styles. There is a big difference between plain and lifeless, so choose your hairstyle wisely and do not be afraid to experiment.