A change of style is something that always comes in handy and goes to fashion is something that not only will we see better but will also allow us to have worked look and most current that will accompany us wherever we go. One of the best haircuts for seeking to be interesting, current and keep their hair is the hair with bangs cut. Long bangs over his eyes and a dark tone in the main will highlight our image if we are women with pale skin and light colors make up on us.


If you have a wavy hair, a vintage style in which appear disheveled and out of place can be ideal for you. This look is accompanied by a tone or even coppery brown hair. Always we look better when we use dark colors in the wicks or reflexes. We are a little darker skin eyes want our makeup soft shades of gray, black, or dark colors generally look for this perfect place.

The bob is being introduced with force in this 2016 especially ahead of the autumn winter, and in turn, it is quite possible to be extended to the rest of the year, so that we will see in the months of spring and quite possibly the hottest time of year, summer. A bob can actually go from below the chin to above the chest.

Many of you may wonder what is “having long hair” because in hairdressing salons often say that you are charged an extra in the dye or hair or picked up by having long hair. This consideration long or short hair does not consider the media. That is when you have it by the shoulders and tells them that the price of window is only for short hair, relate to very short short, for everything that goes beyond, it is considered long hair.