We know what kind of hairstyles will be trend this spring 2013, but… what triumph when we talk about haircuts? We have the answer: Wavy Bob! A simple haircut, very practical and comfortable that you are already adding many celebrities.

If you like to change your look when the year begins because you don’t want to see you always the same, this 2013 bet by Wavy Bob. It is a variation of the classic Bob cut, a version much more rebellious and informal which both triumphed last year, and that many have chosen as his haircut for this season.




The Wavy Bob is a simple and practical haircut, since maintenance is much easier than a smooth and well care Bob cut. The key is to give you a natural air, since to the wavy hair, this movement, and his image is much more casual. It is not necessary that spend hours in front of the mirror with the dryer and brush in hand so that every hair is in place.

If your hair does not have much natural volume, this haircut can be an extra help for you. You can either wear it with bangs as without it, accepts all kinds of proposals. We continue to insist that the key is in the natural waves and the length of the hair. Choose from spacious and rounded waves, or more curly version, it all depends on your taste and style.

To look and style to perfection your Wavy Bob hair cut, apply foam in your hands and with your head upside down, extend it by the hair. To dry it used the dryer in the same position, and with your fingers to give it some shape and volume to your hair. If you want to give an extra volume, you can slightly carding your wavy hair. Or on the contrary, only made waves at the bottom of the hair.

Join the trend in haircuts of the celebrities!