We have just started the year and you’re probably looking for a new haircut. If you have not yet found it, or hesitate between some in particular wait first to read this article about the relationship between haircut and face shape because I assure you that after reading it your decision will be the most accurate. Knowing what best suits you will be much easier you can make easy hairstyles whenever you want something special. Unfortunately, the shape of the face is not usually one of the reasons why most women (and men) choose one or another haircut. However, fortunately it is something very easy to solve by just reading what comes next.

face shape

What is the shape of your face?

This is the first question you must ask yourself and let me tell you must be sincere and realistic with yourself. In my case, I love Pixie cuts, casual and extreme. I’m really horny, but I have a round face with very soft features and a Pixie or similar are not mine: I definitely do not fit. They make me look rounder, they increase my gill and my cheeks seem to swell.

Types of face depending on the haircut that best suits them

Above you have some images that can guide you to know more or less, where the shots go once you see yourself directly in the mirror. It is a very simple graphic but enough so that you really compare the shape of your face and try to prove what in principle will make you feel better. In the case of which we have very soft and rounded features what most favors us are the staggered blunt cuts those cuts made by loose layers in which the hair moves smoothly without problems if you bulge too much and without increasing the volume Visual of our face.

Speaking of volume, it is best to stretch vertically the visual effect of the cut and this is achieved by giving a little more volume on the top than on the sides. That way we will visually stretch our face and it will look like our head is a tad thinner. It is recommended that the length of the hair exceeds at least four fingers the chin and make sure that the hair falls loose and with some waves without much volume. The types of cutting that will favor you most.

Cut Bob: a person bob cut hair on the shoulders is a good way to bring the relatively short hair long hair look when loose no clumping and not have much volume. This court can make simple hairstyles at any time. If you have always parted, both in the middle and slightly to the side try not to cut much below the shoulders. Asymmetrical cut a haircut in which you mix different lengths is ideal for us. It is the cut that most disguises the round complexion.

Long factions

This is the opposite of round faces. What matters is to make the face look wider than it is and the best way to do it is to give it horizontal volume. That is why it is best that you do not make cuts with very long hair, above the shoulders or not much longer since if it is not more difficult to give volume. It is advisable that the hair has volume on the sides and bangs.

For the square features on your face, something similar happens with the rounded faces. If it is your case, you are interested in making a cut that stretches your face visually removing some visual weight to the shape of your face. For this, you will have to give more volume to the top of the head. The ideal cuts for this are those that stagger the hair and leave it pointing to the face. The ideal thing is to make a Bob cut in layers a cut over the shoulder in layers as well or take advantage of both the waves and the long smooth hair to make your face look more stylized.

Oval shaped

This face shape is the most favorable in most looks. Just about any cut you make will sit you down. It could be said that, facing a haircut, the oval face is the one that mixes a little bit of each type of face and favors any style. Most famous actors have this type of face although I personally like the ones that stand out with their peculiarities with more characteristics.