The girls, in their endless quest to look as thin as possible, can ignore the power of proper hair color. Given that overweight is mainly noted on your face, knowing and applying the right colors can do wonders for your face look slimmer quickly. Follow the guides and not have to suck in your cheeks next photoshoot.

Naturally, this color is known for its amazing ability to lose weight in clothes and leads the race for the color that guarantees to make shine your face slimmer.

The color black does this because the severe tone provides a great contrast to your skin tone while creating the illusion of angles, definition, and balance. If the color is too extreme for your taste, a less strong black or dark brown are more subtle options.

face look thinner

Less extreme than black and with a considerably softer tone, brown hair gives you all the benefits of black in a more subtle way. Brown is usually recognized by the neutrality and ability to flatter a lot of variety of skin tones, lengths, and hair types, and should not be a surprise that also has a slimming effect.

From deep chocolate to caramel browns all intensities, succeed to give your face a contour and an angular appearance.

Dark red
Everyone loves a redhead, right? Given that the fiery redheads are impossible to ignore, choose a red shade is a remarkable and rapid to make your face look thinner way. But before you go to your local salon and enjoy red hair color, you should know that not all reds are equal.

Bright reds have the same effect as the blond. Make your face look bigger because of the color of light and blur offering. Instead, opt for dark red, and matching facial flattery that black and brown provided by slimming the face and give it a more defined look.

Multi-Dimensional Color
If you have a single tone hair is very simple for you, or if you just want a little more funky things, test the color of the hair with a multidimensional effect. Fortunately, it is not as complicated as it may seem.

The color of hair is a Multidimensional staining technique, as the name suggests, incorporates more of a tone to create a full and rich look to your hair. Techniques such as highlights, low lights, stripes, and shadows are fabulous ways to take a darker hair color and punch a shade lighter than even slim your face.