Warm or cold, winter or spring, yellow or pink, the descriptions of the two basic skin tones most women are endless. Warm skin tones have a yellow or green background color, and are favored by the golden sun colors and hues of the earth . The ladies with cool skin tone with pinkish look better with clear, blue and green roses. The key to highlight your beauty is using the power of natural skin tones.

To choose the best colors according to your skin tone, you should recognize if you’re hot or cold. There are several ways to find out: one is to see if you look better with gold or silver jewelry. If the answer is “golden”, have warm skin. If this is not clear, hold a piece of orange paper and other light pink near your face. When you look in the mirror, clearly one of the two must be better with your skin. If you chose the orange again have warm skin. Also if you have this type of skin, the veins of the lower part of your wrist will always be more green than blue. Do not fool yourself into thinking that only women with medium or dark skin tones are warm.

 cool skin tones

It’s time to play dress. Despise not all clothing colors cool your closet, looking for warmer versions of some of your favorite items when you go shopping. The red looks good with all skin tones, but adding a little orange, red looks even more flattering. When it comes to pink, use coral, peach or other more orange roses with purple. The purple colors are usually hard to find in your skin color as they usually have blue colors background. However, looking more colors with reddish-brown tones to enhance your skin. Even blue is a basic cold side of the color wheel, some shades, such as blue and green peacock blue work perfectly thanks to the influences of yellow and brown. The same goes for the greens, the golden yellow background enhances your skin. Additionally, you can choose the raw white, ivory. If all this is too much for you to remember, here’s a quick tip: If you mix with brown and gold is a warm color. If combined with navy blue and silver, is a cool color.

Like the dress, makeup in shades of earth looks great on your skin. Some foundations indicate on the label if they have pink, yellow or green base. In clear intermediate skins, choose yellow. If your skin is darker, choose the green. Even without the label, you should be able to tell whether a color is more greenish yellow or pink. Search blushes, bronzes and eye shadows with gold accents, as these Spotlight The golden undertones of your skin. The golden glow is also a good indicator that the color is special for women with warm skin. As for the lipstick, skin color is always a safe and flattering with its brownish-based option, but you can also try reddish orange, coral, dark watermelons If you have fair skin, green eyes the pen and brown are suitable for daily use. The black will add a dramatic touch to the evening. If you have intermediate skin tone to dark, or if you have black hair or eyebrows naturally the black eye pencil You will work for both day and night, but try with brown and green to achieve a “natural” look.


If you do not you dye your hair , you have no need to change the color of your hair , born with one that suits you. However, if you color, avoid cool colors . A professional groomer will offer dyeing colors that fit well with your natural color, but if you do it at home, the decision is up to you. If you want to dye brunette, most ringtones work, but the chestnut, chocolate and gold will look better. If you want to become a redhead, you will notice that most of the red look good with cold skin. Try auburn or strawberry blond, or visit the barber. If you want to dye blonde, prevents color champagne, platinum or ash blonde, which will make you look tired and pale. By contrast, a golden blond highlight natural shine.