The t-shirt has become all one must for celebrities , who have the most exalted style. Are suitable 24 hours a day, combine with any outfit and are the most flattering. Furthermore, it is the easiest way to expand your wardrobe.Click here to browse our wide selection of Ronda Rousey Shirts and clothing.

Years ago it was a casual garment, just some women wore, and that only men used to activities in the light of the sun, but gone are those days. The typical lifetime t, or t-shirt, has become a staple of fashion, but easier to use and more versatile. The shirts can combine and experiment with colors, also is not a garment face , which, if you want, you are able to replenish each season. The variety of fabrics used today can create new silhouettes, ranging from the classic to the more modern cut. Flexibility allows combining a bright shirt under a black blazer that will give you a sophisticated and modern look.

Guide to find the perfect shirt

Recommendations to find the shirt you most favored and best suited to your body


– If you have a lot of chest V-neckline favors having the eye down. Avoid high necklines that draw the eye and make your breasts look as if they are too low.


– If you have small breasts : power lines that draw the eye upward, as the crew neck and boat neck.

– If you have broad shoulders wearing necklines near neck. Do not use the boat neck that accentuates the width of the shoulders.

– If you have a short neck: I highlight it with plunging necklines (a deep V-neck) or open necklines (boat neck or round neck), lengthen the neck. Avoids high necklines that make the neck look shorter.

Length: Each season fashion changes in length. However, the perfect length reaches the hip. During summer , side vents make it possible to wear the shirt untucked. If a shirt is too long, will make your legs and lower body look shorter. Remember that the styles that are in fashion are not always the most flattering.

Sleeves: There is an age when many women do not feel comfortable exposing his arms. The sleeve length “three quarter” is the most flattering. Too long sleeve can make you be like a block. T-cut shoulders are the most flattering, especially for those with broad shoulders. Make sure the shirt covers the area below the armhole.

Setting : The shirt should be modeled to the body, but not adjusted so that it is evident what to hide (hide the flab is a major concern for many women). Beware shirts with ruffles or layers can hide love handles yet can ensancharte unattractively.

Fabric and color: Choose a lightweight fabric that does not add bulk to your body. Although it is fashionable to coat color combinations unusual (fluorine), you can also go tone on tone (like brown on black) for a look more classic. Choose lycra or cotton, depending on the shape of your body.

Under the shirts I recommend not wearing a bra with lace and bet on the color nude , not white, not so transparent it’s there. If you find a shirt that fits you perfectly, buy it in every color!