The grunge look was born in the 90s, but has since become an icon. Grunge is from Seattle, in the state of Washington in the United States. The musicians like Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love look promoted. Grunge fashion tries to fight face fashion trends. For a party of 90, on Halloween, or any occasion that you may have wanted to stand out from the crowd, a Grunge style achieved easily evoke the 90s.


Ruffles your hair. Both men and women wear long hair, shoulders or beyond. Rather than take hours to comb your hair, leaves hair clean and natural, and prevents your hair except to get rid of the knots. Help style “pillow” with a little spray or hair wax. You can also use the long, straight hair.

Grunge style

Shop at thrift stores. The grunge style is based on combining casual clothes and haphazardly. Stores often offer cheap used and dissimilar items. Find clothes with style 90 print anything Scottish or flannel, and rather bulky clothing.
For bulky and casual grunge style, using layers of clothes instead of refined and neat attire. For example, use high stockings, a miniskirt and a tank top, but adds an extra shirt around your waist, or use a large sack over your clothes.

Break your jeans. Use washed jeans, worn and broken in for a shiny new. S have a pair of old jeans with holes and cracks, is ideal. To give it a grunge look to your favorite pair of jeans, a brush passes through the fabric to give it an older look and used scissors to cut strategic holes in the knees or below.

Use accessories. Hats are popular grunge accessories for both men and women, especially in dark or neutral colors. Uses one rather large and place it on top of your head instead of downloading it all over your head. Use several bracelets on your wrists, such as simple ITRAS leather . Show all your piercings and tattoos. Shoes should be heavy, large and damaged. Military boots or sneakers are ideal.