When looking for a particular style gold necklace, taking into account their different attributes. Among gold options include the 10k and 14k white and yellow gold, pink or a combination of all three. Collar length ranges from choker 16 inches (40 cm) in length to 24 inches opera (60 cm) as the thickness of the chain. Men usually prefer gold chains with a more robust while women choose more delicate style. The necklaces gold ornaments may be used alone or with an accessory like pendant, gem or said.

Gold necklaces Styles

A box chain necklace consists of links connected squares that bear a resemblance to overlapping boxes. This chain style is robust and very soft and elegant at once. Thicker links make it stronger and their surfaces will be brighter Multiplan as that in a smaller box design. This style is compatible with pendants and charms or as a style unadorned short necklace. This style does not allow a pendant to slide easily along the chain as in other styles.

Diamond cut Chain
A diamond cutting style chain comprises twisted oval links which are formed in two or more strands and then woven to resemble cord coils. The diamond cut has more shine than a basic chain making it be more fashionable. This style gold necklace has a rich, textured. It is also durable and versatile, and quite suitable for pendants and charms.

A classic Figaro chain necklace features a delicate pattern with two or three short links alternating with another link. Each link flattened in the pattern is the same size. Legend has it that the Italian manufacturers coined this style chain in honor of two operas: “The Barber of Seville” and “The Marriage of Figaro”. This style of necklace is adaptable. It is easy for everyday use as a simple string or has two different length for a layered style. For the night, place him a jewel pendant.

The rolo chain necklace consists of spacious well proportioned connections that are interconnected. Link components are half round or oval with different calibers. It is resistant to wear and has a more heavy with less gold. This style of necklace is flat in the neck and is suitable to place a pendant, multiple charms around the neck or unadorned. The thicker rolo chain is a style often used by men.

The wheat style necklace is an elaborate fashion chain that has a similar appearance to the point. The twisted oval links are connected and intertwined to create its distinctive texture. This intricate style necklace is used only for its simplicity or a pendant to add appeal said.