The properties of gold have revolutionized modern cosmetics and skin treatments. This precious metal has advanced with the modern industry bringing cellular rejuvenation to the skin. The use of gold in various beauty products has sometimes been called jewel treatment since it literally is to apply gold on the skin. Just like Cleopatra one of the most beautiful women in history, when she wore gold masks on her face so that it would look firm and without any trace of aging.


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Among the qualities that gold has is nourishing the skin, strengthen the natural defenses and provide luminosity to the areas where it is applied giving the skin a resplendent appearance. In addition, gold acts as an antioxidant that cleans and oxygenates dead cells and renews the superficial cellular tissue.

The pure gold micro particles penetrate the skin increasing its elasticity. They act as golden flashes that prevent and protect from the signs of premature aging and pronounced lines of expression through a protective shield that is created with its constant application, giving the skin a luxurious banquet that not many people can give.

The gold applied in creams has the capacity to regenerate and stimulate the cells so that they recover their life and obtain a better functioning. Additionally, it potentiates and increases the effectiveness of the tissues, making the skin receive more moisture and nutrition. In the case of base of makeup with 24 carat gold, that has an effective effect reaffirm and gives the face radiance. This base is applied after the skin has been cleaned and before makeup. The results are amazing and the appearance of the skin remains luminous for much longer.

Another way to use gold as a beauty ingredient is through the gold threads. A technique that is used in people over 40 years as it seeks to restore the skin hung by the effect of age. With the gold threads are formed that accompanied by others of propylene create a mesh that is fixed to the skin by means of a surgical intervention in which tiny incisions are realized that cure easily. The result can last for 5 to 10 years. The threads are made in 24 carat gold.

The gold masks are used after the peeling, which can certainly also be done with gold micro particles to exfoliate the skin. The 24-carat gold mask is on the skin in the form of a sheet. In some specialized aesthetic centers, they accompany the mask with radiofrequencies in order that the collagen and the elastic of the skin are stimulated.