“Girlsense” is an online game that allows girls to build your own empire of fashion . They are also able to interact with others through the gaming community. Players design their own clothes and fashion accessories, create your own store, logos and advertising. Start playing games to earn the coins needed to purchase items needed to build the Empire. Although the game depends solely on their ideas and the decisions you make during the game, there are several tips and tricks to help you on your way.

fashion tips

Make fashions
When you first walk into your account “Girlsense” you can begin to create various sets immediately. Click on the “My Studio” and then “Fashion” in the right menu. Choose clothes, accessories and shoes with side tabs to dress up your model. Then add textures and various objects such as buttons, closures and cutbacks. Do not forget to save when you have finished adding your boutique building.

Add shading to your clothes to look more realistic. When you add shading, keep in mind that will look darker at first and then save and display it again, so you should apply a darker shade’re trying to do.

Sell ​​items
There are two ways to sell your clothes on “Girlsense”. You can set a price point of a Gcent (game currency) or you can auction them for a price that you think is worthwhile. Another option to make extra money is to buy designer clothes before yours and then come back and resell the pieces once the designer boutiques close to making a profit, since the clothes have more demand.

Material of the cover
The cover of “Girlsense” shows the best boutiques on the site. It is termed as the “Wave members Boutiques” and is situated in the middle of the page. To appear in this section, you must make propaganda and get others to see your name. Accept as many auctions as you can, send notes to other users to promote sales you have and participate in surveys and focus groups on the site.