Conduct a fashion show is a popular method for business clothes, designers and shopping centers to show the current fashion trends and attract many people who, hopefully, will like what they see and will shop. Flyers are an effective way to spread the word about your event and can be created easily.

 flyers for a fashion show


Create a new document in your design program or word processing . Establishes measures 8.5 by 11 inches. If you’re creating a tri-fold brochure, set the page as landscape. Include all information important as the date and place. Make a summary of the agenda in your brochure. For example, it includes information on special attractions, such as bands or special speakers, which could attract people to your event.

Add simple graphics to your brochure. Choose colorful art that reflects the theme without overwhelming. Add colored borders around the edges of your wheel to get attention. Most word processing programs allow users to insert posters and callers attention.

Write a catchy title for your brochure that will attract positive attention to the fashion show.

Add a lottery or sweepstakes on your steering wheel. Agrégale also a coupon to encourage people looking for a bargain. Many programs word processing software have the ability to insert tables or text boxes in the documents. Place the coupon at the bottom of the steering wheel to make it easier for people to detach and present it at the store.

Enter the information in your flyer about the companies participating in the parade and have it shipped to their mailing lists. Includes companies that do not compete with you, but serving the same clientele. Lets have booths or tables on your parade and put your logo on your steering wheel. The addition of other manufacturers in your brochure adds interest to potential visitors and gives you another chance to advertise.