Filigree is a delicate kind of work done by twisting threads of gold, silver or platinum. Twisting the wires of these metals, an intricate lace-like design can be developed. Gemstones can be added as additional design elements, create glamorous rings, unique design, which is often used as engagement rings.


The term “watermark” comes from the Latin words “filium” meaning thread and “granum,” which means seed. The filigree design is to take the gold, silver or platinum, and adapt it into a fine thread. Pearls or gemstones can be added as seeds to emphasize a design with color and brightness.

 filigree ring


The filigree design has a long history. Dating back to medieval times, the watermark was used to create designs for royalty. The watermark is curled in delicate patterns to create a family coat of rings and metal work, which became hereditary traditional pieces. The filigree pieces often were produced to celebrate marriages and births. During the Edwardian era, when Edward VII was King of England, the movement Art Nouveau brought a resurgence of styles and glamorous designs. During this time watermark is used to create unique and expensive parts, including diamonds and colored gemstones.
Celtic Traditions

The watermark is often seen in Celtic jewelry, especially rings and marriage alliances. The alliances of marriage for men and women, using filigree designs to signify their unity and commitment of marriage. Celtic jewelry perfected the use of the watermark in the tenth and eleventh centuries, and used yarn for the pattern of knots and braids design.

In ancient times, it was expected that all jewelers were able to perform work filigree. Since filigree work was common and expected practice, a jeweler who could do a delicate filigree work probably would be without customers. In the current design jewelry, the work filigree is considered a form of art and a specialty. A jeweler should take specific steps to learn how to do a job and create filigree delicate lace designs type classes.


Filigree rings come in many varieties and styles. Watermark alliances are often used as wedding bands, and spun in distinctive patterns, either white gold, yellow gold, silver or platinum. Engagement Partnerships are also available on a filigree design, and have a lovely antique look in its design. A filigree engagement ring is often considered a period piece or an inheritance. Diamonds are placed in the center of the design, and smaller stones are sometimes used to surround the design as seeds. Jewelry heritage, given as an engagement ring, traditionally has a lovely filigree design.