The fashion historians sometimes call the 1990s as the “anti-fashion decade,” a streamlined style was responding to exaggerated fashions of the previous decade. Although some styles of the 1990s were simpler and more natural, fashion was inspired largely in popular culture, especially the music of the moment. Fashion reflected the different subcultures, styles sometimes collided and sometimes overlapped and mingled. Towards the end of this decade, some fashions beginning of it had taken root in popular taste and evolved along with a new generation of ideas and styles.
Fashions of the late 1990s

The scruffy grunge style inspired by rock bands of the genre such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam, lasted until the late 1990s.’s Dominant style for both women and men, consisted of flannel shirts, baggy jeans, boots Doc Marten and clean but uncombed hair. Influenced grunge fashion business attire that will feature khaki pants, neutral colors and unstructured jackets. However, towards the end of the decade, silk dresses and Pashmina shawls began to appear on the shelves. The color returned to the clothes, and eventually rose the preferred choice for women turned in 1999. During this same year, the Hawaiian shirt even had a brief moment of popularity.


Piercings and tattoos
Grunge and indie rockers also inspired a widespread trend of piercings and tattoos. The piercings in ears, nose, eyebrow, tongue and navel common elements became fashionable. Tattoos also became fashionable, especially in the lower, back and ankles in the lower abdomen in women. Towards the end of the decade, the clothes adapted to tattoos and piercings may be shown. The short tops showing the belly and thin straps showing great back were used throughout the year.
Hip hop styles
Hip hop music defined an urban style that emerged in the late 1990s. Basic were wearing this style sports shirts and baggy pants and high end tennis. Common accessories were thick gold chains and baseball caps with the bill back. Designers like Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein adapted this traditional manufacturing fashion sportswear to extra large sizes. The end of the decade also saw the beginning of the use of expensive baggy pants showing underwear. This outfit has its origins in the loose clothing of the prisoners, as they were not allowed to wear belts.

Punk and goth
Towards the end of the decade, resurfaced punk and goth styles of the late 1980s. The basic elements of punk and goth styles were the color, or lack thereof. The black domino fashion punk and goth. The boots and leather jackets were a key element of the outfit, adorned with chains and studs. Common accessories were wallet with chain and gloves with bare fingers.

Hair and makeup
By the late 1990s, one of the most popular hairstyles for women was the “Rachel” cut almost square layers, inspired by the character of that name from the popular TV series “Friends”. The braids close to the head, bowl cuts layered and layered fringe hairstyles to the side were also popular hairstyles. The temporary paint hair, people used to take strands of bright colors, had a moment of popularity towards the end of the decade. Natural makeup shades, popular and since the beginning of the decade, expanded to include dark red lipstick, and varnishes blue and green nails, towards the end of the decade. Glitter body was also relevant to late fashion.