The teenage years can be difficult and demanding. Along with the conflict that enters the relations between adolescents and their parents, young people struggle with the ideals of self-esteem. The desire to fit in and be popular and considered “cool”, the need to be accepted, to be part of the popular group, may lead them to make decisions under pressure. The pressure to wear fashionable clothes is only a concern for adolescents struggling to find an identity and place in life.

The crisis Clothing
In the absence of a strong parental control and overexposure to images of celebrities, teenagers today have begun to live lives of others. It’s much easier to copy what they are wearing and bring your friends what they use celebrities to create your own style. Teenagers today are under pressure to adapt to the culture of a group and the first way that this loyalty is manifested is through conformity to a dress code. Fashion becomes an essential accessory popularity of a teenager.

own style

The persuasive power of groups
Not all parents of adolescents belonging to the same past, culture or income, but all young people want to look the same. They can yield to the implicit or explicit pressure groups or cliques that carry fashionable clothes. By giving in to peer pressure to wear a certain type of clothing, which can be expensive or revealing or trendy, teen turn puts pressure on their parents, who can not not approve, but may succumb to the pressure.

Knowing the causes
Teens have fragile sensibilities. They are in the age at which the review and approval of their group and social acceptance is more important than anything. A teenager does not want to be teased or mockery, or feel excluded. A teenager will follow the latest craze to follow the crowd and be accepted. The alternative is to face the pressure, and to avoid this, a young adopt the latest fashion and will no doubt.

Pressure control
Parents can do much to help your child resist the pressure. A child with self-esteem and those based on confidence values ​​will be able to make intelligent decisions. Nobody wants to have a sloppily dressed teenager, but you have to explain the importance of resisting the pressure when it comes to dressing fashionably . Monthly limit will help the teen has less money to spend on current trends. Communication with your child and meet your friends will help you know when you are under pressure.