As great cradle of fashion that is, Paris could not disappoint us with her great Fashion week and have seen impressive collections autumn/winter 2013-2014 capable of falling in love, or repel sometimes, but it is clear that no one leave indifferent.

I have to confess to them that I have baptized as the “3 C” Chloe, Celine and Christian Dior found me incredible. Yes, I know that they are very different from one another, but I think that’s the key that have managed to fascinate me.

Paris fashion week

Chloe has presented the proposals more delicate and feminine about this gateway. The chic side was present in each and every one of the proposals, getting that picture so sweet that the firm always presents. The pairing black and white is the theme of the collection, providing that balance so perfect that we like.

Klein blue and Golden hues superimposed in the form of grids on looks incredible. Layers, asymmetrical cuts and ruffled skirts, break molds so straight from the collection, providing much more freshness.

When we think about Celine always comes to mind classical garments and outfits very formal, but molds, a little break for the next autumn-winter 2013-2014 without losing its essence, and asymmetrical cuts, oversize coats, dresses and multicoloured prints include knot.

Although the cream and gray predominate in this collection, red and green provide the necessary spark of color that we always like to wear in the colder months. I must make a special mention to their large bags, an indispensable complement and that the signature “mimics” perfectly with all her looks.

Christian Dior
Christian Dior already made a surprising staging, since thanks to the play of fabrics and prints, it seemed that their models were walking on clouds. And it is that her collection autumn/winter 2013-2014 could look it up to the “Angels”. A collection which will be based on black and white, but with finer shades of color through surrealist prints.

Dresses and skirts are still keeping the omnipresent Figure peplum, giving volume to the designs and the feminine silhouette. Very feminine coats that will make you spend your days of winter with all the elegance of the world. Although black and white directed the collection, to my I loved the design red passion who presented in the last part of the parade.

Once more add-ins charge profile, good, on this occasion footwear, authentic works of art paraded at the foot of the models.