Improve your fashion style should start with positive thinking and confidence in yourself. You may feel uncomfortable to try to bring modern styles or simply can not be aware of what your personal style. In fashion, as in any other design or art medium, the rules are not the same in all cases. Try different clothes and dresses that make you feel comfortable and visually appeals to you, above all.

Evaluate what you have
Make an inventory of your closet to see what pieces you have and love. Study your closet to see your favorite pieces. Arrange the pieces that you like and expose you use most often. Note the similarities in the silhouette of the clothing color and material. Write down the things you like about each piece. You might like a floral design on a top or the way your feel comfortable pants you just above the waist. Find items that are repeated for clues of your style and what is important to you in the clothing .

fashion style

Find your style
After a walk in your closet, you may have a better idea of ​​what you like. Go beyond defining your style preference. Collect pictures of costumes that you like. Next, investigate what they have in common in terms of shape, color and materials. Make fashion a test to learn what your style preferences are, if you’re having trouble to find out on your own. Online a wide variety of styles from various designers and fashion magazines you have available. Evita evidence to pass judgment on the style, and searches that focus on your visual style and personality.
Shopping clothes that enhance your facial features and your body is as important as staying true to your style preferences. If you’re looking for accessories, look for what suits your body shape, your skin tone and shape of your face. The styles that are fashionable are not attractive in all people, so it is best to choose classic styles that make you look good. Choose clothing for you create a balanced appearance. For example, if you are more plump waist, dark pants and jeans with a natural waist up not only look stylish, but they achieve a long thin line through the thigh.

Qprender basics of fashion design
Like other areas of design, fashion education can help you recognize what works perfect. Subscribe to fashion blogs giving positive advice and are designed to guide you in teaching about the basics of fashion and keep you abreast of new trends, even if you were not using them. Beware of sources using only a poor language or maintain certain body types or fashion trends as the only way to be elegant. Make the things you like, and add them to your book appearance. Go shopping at discount stores and small shops in the art district or near schools to get an idea of the latest fashion and to find classic pieces of quality. Clothes may not always be appropriate for you, but can give you inspiration to try a new style of shoes or accessory.