If you are looking for a fundraiser that combines entertainment and glamour, consider organizing a fashion show. From finding the perfect location and the theme of the event to select a team of models to sashay on the runway, a fashion show for a charity requires months of planning, hard work and passion for fashion. Follow these steps to create a memorable fashion show that has cutting edge designs and raise money for your favorite charity.

fashion show for a charity


Create a theme. If your charitable organization creates programs to save the environment, a show with the latest eco fashion is desirable and appropriate. Consider a theme for the parade clothing sponsors willing to support and represent the mission of the organization effectively.

It brings together a team of experts. A successful fashion show requires the help of six keys: a backstage manager, a show producer, a publicist, a coordinator of models, promoters of clothing and a sales manager. The show producer is responsible for implementing the parade theme, create a budget for the event and the recruitment of all staff. The backstage manager oversees the production of the parade. The publisher generates publicity for the event. The coordinator hires models coordination models and tests. The promoter asks clothes clothing retailers and designers donate their products and services for the charity event. The sales manager fashion show is responsible for ticket sales, donations generation and management of corporate sponsorships.

Select the place. Site determines when the parade and guest capacity. When selecting the perfect venue for a fashion show, carefully examined place lighting and sound potential, backstage, parking, disabled access, insurance requirements and hidden costs. If you represent a non-profit organization 501 (c) 3, ask for a discount rate additional venue hire.

Requests clothing and event sponsors. Create a package for sponsors to present the theme of your event, the organization’s mission and objectives of the fashion show. Send letters to the designers and local fashion companies at least six months in advance for clothes, gifts and services discount .

Browse models, backstage staff and volunteers. One or two months before the fashion show, hire models, stylists, costume designers and makeup artists. Contact schools of fashion design for students of modeling, fashion designed and aspiring fashion editors volunteer their time and skills to meet the costs of hiring talent.

Sell ​​tickets, invited VIPs and draws attention to your event. Invite journalists, fashion referees, editors and major donors to your fashion show. Send out invitations at least six weeks before the show. Send press releases to the media to announce the fashion show for your charity.