When you have the opportunity to climb to the gateway, you have to give your best. There’s more to a fashion show that the fact dress well and walk on stage. You have to flaunt your style with a level of ferocity that leaves everyone wanting more. Try these tips to make sure your first step down the catwalk not be the last.

fashion runways

Show your best side
You are there to show clothes, but you have to attract people to your beautiful face . It can be hard to do, but try not to smile. This may be your moment of glory, but you have to think that you’d be somewhere else. Appears as boring as you can and let your eyes do the rest and speak for themselves. Look around the room without turning your head and make flirtatious eye contact with audience members.

Walk the path
Possessing the catwalk is really know how to walk on it, so that works in this sense, girl! Da long steps and cross your feet when you do, putting one foot in front of the other so that your hips sway from side to side. Keep your shoulders back and your arms close to your body. Your arms should only swing elbows down, you’re walking on the catwalk, not flying over it.

The self confidence
Know how fabulous you are, and the audience will think too. You should not be on the catwalk if you were not extraordinary, so forget about any insecurities before you get to the gateway. Hold high the figure, your chin high and shows confidence.

Keep moving
Your journey to the runway should not stop any. Asking too many poses is laborious and confusing and will make the audience focus on you instead of beautiful clothes that you show. Keep moving, girlfriend. When you reach the end of the walkway, turn your body in one direction and your head in the other, then switch. Then turns and returns you came.

Practice makes perfect
This is your big moment. Do not waste it. Take your time to practice before the big day. Struts in your house and put your best face of boredom and anger every time you look in the mirror. Bring friends and family as members of the public and practice making eye contact. When the time comes, it will appear that you were born for the catwalk.