The fashion design is the art of applying the design, aesthetics and beauty to clothing. Is frequently influenced by the culture and has continued to evolve over the years. The fashion design is a creative career that requires a lot of hard work. And there are a variety of materials to create a specific design, including master patterns, tape for fashion , pins, rules and pastel chalk sticks.

Teachers Patterns
The master patterns are a set of standards and specific guidelines used to draw and cut patterns from a variety of blouses, pants, skirts, jackets and dresses. An article called flexicurve used to draw designs over the master pattern while you’re cutting, and a variation of measure for curves is also used with the master pattern to create flowing lines.

 fashion design


Fashion Tape
The double-sided fashion tape has a variety of uses, but is most often used to attach the dress designed to support or dummy for a final look. The tape can also be used for quick repairs that the designer can return after repair. This may include hitting a hem to the desired length, create tabs in a jacket, sweater or shirt which can then be sewn in place, lower the collar of a shirt, ensure sleeved blouse or skirt, make the neckline more modest and maintain the tip of the belt in place.
Sticks of chalk and pastel
A designer in the fashion industry is in a world full of colors and pastel chalks and used many high quality when creating their designs. These colors and used to draw designs on paper desired for a “and” of how the finished product will look. They are also used to mark changes in the outfit itself, to mark seams and mark the length of the hem.

A portfolio or transport cover is an essential material for all fashion designers. It can be used to transport small materials like fashion belt, tracks and pins, as well as the patterns and fabric samples. Most designers also carry a notebook and pencil drawings if they can sketch any ideas you may have while traveling. The portfolio is also a good place to carry the portfolio, which contains samples, drawings and images of all past designs.

Odds and ends
The pins in another common material used in fashion design . They become very useful for fast repair and are used in the same way that fashion tape for a variety of tasks, such as lifting a brick or make a more modest neckline. The rules are used when you join a design for action as the hems, the width of a lapel or cuff or the length of a sleeve. Another thing obviously unnecessary in fashion is the fabric itself. Depending on the type of clothing you’re designing, you’ll have a variety of cloth covering everything from silk cocktail dresses to wool jackets. Most important of all, a fashion designer need a sewing machine. There are many on the market today that include a multitude of accessories and capabilities to do additional tasks besides sewing and eyelets, such as embroidery.