A portfolio is to show your skills and talents to potential employers and managers in the area of school admissions. This is a visual presentation of the best creative work you have done, such as works of art , graphic design or fashion designs. A work of this kind can serve you to begin your career if you show that you’re talented and your creations can be commercial. Follow certain rules to prepare a portfolio as part of your application to enter a school of fashion design .


Decide how you want to present and organize your work. You can buy a binder with plastic page dividers at a store in your area. Depending on your industry, you might want to spend a little more money in a presentation folder for better quality .

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Gather some of your previous jobs, choose the ones you like and place them in the order you want them to appear. Be sure to keep items from the same collection or group together.
Includes a sketch to illustrate your original idea and can be compared to the finished design. The drawings must be in color and full size.

Place fabric swatches to illustrate the color, fabric, texture and pattern of each design.

Included in the portfolio one picture of the finished product color. Make sure you get someone to model the clothes to take photo .

Place the pages in an order that makes sense. Think about the overall theme you want to reflect your work as well as the emotions that you want to make. A page must flow smoothly to the next, as if you’ll have a story.

Make a digital copy of your portfolio shirt. This is useful if you make a presentation to enter a fashion school or work that are at great distances, as it is easier to mail your portfolio on a disk . Scan all images and transfer them to a disc . Before you post, check it to make sure all images were scanned correctly.