It is a sure guarantee that the owners of the following pieces have the best jewelry safe for home. These magnificent jewels can be considered famous because of the prices they have brought. It would be wonderful to be the owner of one of these great jewels. Keep your ears and eyes open, one may come up for auction giving you an opportunity.

The Graff Pink
This rectangular, pink diamond weighs 24.78 carats. It is set in platinum. This famous piece of jewelry was once owned by jeweler Harry Winston. In 2010, this pink diamond was put up for auction. The famous jeweler, Laurence Graff bid $46.2 million dollars and won. He promptly named his new piece the Graff Pink. You can bet Mr. Graff keeps his pink diamond in a strong safe.

The Bulgari Two Stone
This piece is absolutely stunning. It is a triangle blue diamond and a white triangle diamond both set together in one ring. An Asian bought this work of art at auction in 2010 for the low price of 15.7 dollars.


Wallis Simpson’s Panther Bracelet
The rumor is that Madonna bought this amazing piece of jewelry. The story goes that it was once owned by Wallis Simpson who had a love affair with King Edward VIII. The bracelet has diamonds and onyx stones embedded all throughout it. It sold at auction in 2010 for $12.4 million dollars. If Madonna does really own this wonderful bracelet, it is probably one of many beautiful jewels that she has.

The Henckel Tiara
This tiara has a row of eleven pear shaped emeralds that are polished to the extreme. It is studded with many diamonds. It was made especially for Princess Katharina Henckel von Donnersmark of Germany in the early 1900’s. In 2011, an anonymous bidder bought this piece for 12.3 million dollars.

The Empress Eugenie Brooch
This diamond bow brooch is an antique. It was made in 1855 from impressive cut diamonds. This brooch was created by Francois Kramer for the wife of Napole´on III. Her name was Empress Euge´nie. The Louvre wanted to keep this piece of jewelry in France where it originated from. They won the bid for this piece at a whopping $ 10.5 million dollars.

The Blue and Pink Ring
This platinum ring holds a blue diamond that weighs 6.01 carats. On each side of the blue diamond are pink, oval diamonds that each weigh approximately .45 carats each. In 2011, an anonymous person bought this gorgeous ring for $10 million dollars at auction.

These are just a few of the famous pieces of jewelry that are in the world. It would be wonderful to own one or more of these creative pieces of jewelry. No matter what, you probably still own some wonderful jewelry. It may not fetch millions of dollars, but they surely are priceless to you. Be sure and keep that jewelry in a top-notch jewelry safe for home. You will feel much safer that way.