The famous have a new hobby that consists of becoming the clone of their little ones. This phenomenon is increasingly evident especially among those mothers who had their children at an early age. Angelina Jolie or Katie Holmes is just some of the celebrities who joined the trend. Is it for drawing attention for comfort or simply for fun? We will not know but what we can say is that as usual from now on they will not take to join the non-famous mothers to this move and see a street style equal to their children or vice versa.

Famous mothers and daughters fashion

The latest news about it is local. On the occasion of Mother ‘s Day Lucia decided to go shopping with her mother, Mercedes so that she could choose her gift at the local  Lovely Denim of San Isidro and ended up buying two, practically the same. Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes both identical to their mothers daughters north west will you be agree with this idea of the mother?  Fashion depends on personality and proper application of style, which prefer with you.

Cynthia Ann Crawford and her beautiful heir both dressed very casual day. Again, we see the ex of Tom Cruise mimicked with his daughter. Cindy Crawford and look mini version with a leather jacket and jeans. Madonna always a step further dressed like her male heir. The adopted daughter of Angelina Jolie with the same portfolio that the mother but in miniature version.

Kim and her little it covered and hairstyle identical. Women Clan Obama shares the same tone and style of dress. Here we would be in a similar. Bayonne and a tender picture like her daughter dressed for a production of photos in a fashion magazine.