This distinguished and successful fashion designer was born in the Bronx, New York, on November 19, 1942. His real name is Richard Klein characterized by his great evolution in the field of fashion so much so that he owns not only a brand of clothing but also has sponsored different products with its name in order to give a greater advertising impact among buyers.

Famous fashion designer

Such is the case, that not only does it have enough income to create and sustain the collections that increasingly improve its image but also has enough money to create other products, which by the mere fact of owning the trademark of Calvin Klein are creations that will surely have a huge demand, due to what this brand implies.

One of the basic elements for the creation of an identity and an own style by this company, was the way to promote its products in short, advertising was a determining factor when pushing these products to the market In order to generate the goals proposed both economically and globally. One problem that very often arises for this company is the censorship by other companies arguing that the ads produced by Calvin Klein are imprudent since according to them very provocative styles poses and models are used in the worst of obscene cases.

Such is the case of a commercial to promote a fragrance called Secret Obsession by Calvin Klein, in which appears the American actor of Cuban origin Eva Mendes, doing a nude in a very insinuating pose. The main reason that most American television networks censored this article was an image where the actor Eva Mendes reveals one of her nipples. Finally, this ad was not published however you can look at different uncensored websites.

The creator of this wonderful empire, he is now 65 years old, and yet he continues to drive his industry into a monopoly. The key to the success that this unusual designer tries to convey is that each person implements his own fashion and does not have to be too extravagant or exaggerated to cause a strong impact on the consumer.

Finally, we must point out that the achievements of this brand are undoubtedly the evidence of hard work, constancy and loyalty to its own style, which many companies do not have, due to the desire to sell and modify all its structure and characterization for the public’s sympathy and not for self-satisfaction.