Although most of the fashion industry is focused on a younger generation, Fashion is an important part of the lives of women of all ages. Women at the age of 40, especially, have many options when it comes to fashion tips and can adapt the fashion based on the seasons, the thinking Individual and personal comfort.


The traditional fall colors include shades of orange, brown, yellow, red and other warm colors. These colors do not age and that can be used by young women in their 20s and older women in 40. Although the warm tones are practical and are never out of fashion, Pantone has announced a new set of fashionable colors for Fall season 2011. The colors include shades of dramatic purple color mixtures as teal and gray soft layers.

Fall Fashion Tips

Body Shape

Age and body shape work hand in hand when choosing appropriate clothing. The shape of a woman’s body changes with age and therefore is important to accommodate these changes. If you realize that the shape of your body has no way of “rule”, but instead has a “hourglass” or “pear” will be of much help choosing clothes to minimize features that you feel less proud. For example, using wide leg pants will create the illusion of more narrow hips and thighs smaller, while tight denim trousers accentuate these body parts.


Women at the age of 40 may not be as active as they once were. Therefore, comfort is an important factor when choosing fashion items. The fabric should be flexible and breathable. Avoid pieces left bare skin maybe you used 15 years before and chooses clothes that cover most. Doing so is both practical and aesthetic since the fall frequently asked warmer clothes and women 40 years of age are considered more elegant when I do not try to copy his 20 years. Items like the classic Capri pants or skirts cut to sit well to a variety of shapes and can be used year after year.


Accessories are crucial to make your outfit more casual. In line with the theme of autumn, metals like bronze or copper are festive and complement a wide variety of outfits. When you combine accessories with other fashion items, helps you decide which piece will have more love and want to show off. If it is a print blouse, for example, hide it with bulky accessories. On the other hand, if you want to draw attention to a long string of pearls, combine it with a solid blouse. Stick to the classics, such as accessories pearl necklaces that have stood the test of time and will always be in style no matter the season or your age.