Parents can paint your face like the Batman child Halloween , birthday parties or community festivals. The paintings were bought at a costume store or a craft store that can be used to create classical basis of the appearance of the superhero Batman or bold modern crime fighter. You can add a layer to complement the painted face of Batman and turn a child into a comic hero.
full face of Batman


View images of Batman in books, comics, magazines and online. Batman has undergone many changes since its debut in 1939, so there are many versions of the character. Keep the image you want to use as a reference during the process of face painting.

Purchase face paint colors like black, yellow, gray and blue for the Batman design that will use combined. Purchase colored pencils for eyeliner to the edge of design and foundation wedges for cosmetic paint aisle Store retail. If you do not find the face paint, you can also use the additional makeup as a cream eyeshadow and other colored pencils to outline.
Put paint on a sheet of wax paper 6 inches (15 cm) or aluminum foil to use as a palette. Spread the paint colors about half inch (1.2 cm) of each to prevent the colors from mixing. Put some foundation wedges in every color after appropriate paint to prevent contamination wedges with different colors.

Remove any grease spot on your face to pat dry facial tissue. It outlines the design of Batman in the face using colored pencils as eyeliner to begin the process of face paint. These lines will be used as a guide to make it more easily to identify which face paint you will use in specific areas of the face.

Dip a corner of the foundation of wedges in the paint and apply it in the corresponding areas. Avoid paint off the edges as it can cause the paint to run in other areas of design of Batman. Apply two coats of paint in each section to ensure that the paint adheres to the skin properly.

Cleans all areas of the face that may have excess paint off the area. Dip a corner of a clean cloth in a bowl with warm water and soap. Da pat the area dry with a dry cloth and tip apply again if necessary. Avoid touch with face paint to prevent staining.