If your dress is black and pink, and have that bold pink in your dress , so you do not want to overdo it with makeup too colorful. For the best look, keep your makeup simple, and that includes the eye. With just a few basic makeup products can achieve a simple, but to draw attention and perfectly match your beautiful dress .
eye makeup


To the shade of eyes, choose a lighter shade. The ranges of white and light pink work well and are neutral so that work on all skin tones. Apply this on the lids to the crease. If you are unsure where this is, the eye closes halfway watching you in the mirror, and see a line halfway through your eyelid. If you do not have much fold, do not worry about it being too perfect, just apply the shadow a little more than half of your eyelids.

A little eyeliner long. To complement your dress black and pink, delineated along the lash line above both eyes, keeping it thin to make it look more natural or thicker for a more dramatic style. Use black eyeliner to highlight the black in the dress . This also helps to create the illusion of fuller and thicker eyelashes. Delineated along the lower lash line in both eyes if you want a very sensual, dramatic eye.
A little illuminator open your eyes and adds a bit of spark that takes your right to grand style. Use your index finger to rub some shade of light pink or white just below the brow bone in each eye to achieve the effect desired. You can also add a little shade along the arc of the inner corner of the eye.

Even if you already have long eyelashes and lush, use at least a little mascara to darken and get a complete style. If you are fairly light, choose a medium or dark brown mascara, otherwise, prefer basic black. Center the mask on the outer flanges for effect flirty and fun.

If more black than pink on your dress or want to get a more dramatic style, add some gray or black shade on the outer corners of the eyelids, blending the shadow well to get a smoky effect and sensual. Or, you can highlight other parts of your face, such as with some bright pink blush or vibrant pink lipstick. Just do not do all this at once, or you’ll end up looking like a clown instead of a smart person.