Purity promise, pre-engagement, friends forever …. it’s all very confusing. An “eternal ring” can have different meanings, and to make it even more confusing, some people use different terms for the same type of ring. Although if you get one, probably a good thing.

Purity or promise ring
Works with various names: eternal promise, purity, chastity. These rings mean that a girl is saving her virginity for marriage. They are usually a gift from their parents or something she chooses to show his potential suitors what your limits are. Promise rings have been quite controversial in recent years, research shows that not necessarily increase abstinence rates, but you must respect the decision of a girl flaunt their convictions.

eternal ring

Pre-engagement ring
A pre-engagement ring is a type of promise ring, only comes from your main suitor rather than your father or yourself. This type of “eternal circle” means that the above mentioned is serious about a long term commitment, just not ready to commit yet. They should be somewhat expensive, but not as flashy as the real. If you get one, you guard it like a treasure, is a good sign!

Ring best friend
If you ever had a chain of “friends forever” with a friend in your childhood, you know what this is referring. The concept of shared gem has evolved from those chains with hearts games , today you can also get a set of rings of “friends forever.” Treat your best friend a gem that you can use with pride as a reminder of their relationship, not mere school vibe.

Wedding ring
What better word to include in a wedding ring “Eternal.” The games of alliances with the recorded phrase inside are increasingly popular now come prefabricated, although you may want to have one custom made ​​for your special day. Throw in your initials, wedding date or any other words that stand out from the crowd.