The red carpet again the Goya Awards 2013, and invited celebrities and actresses have already walked it by what we can begin to enjoy all their outfits. Although we’ll gradually see the looks , you should recognize that broadly, the looks have been quite successful and often surprising, but as always, we will find some that are not successful. Let’s get started!

the red carpet

The hostess of the evening, Eva Hache, has chosen a simple blue dress klein to step on the red carpet. It has been hypothesized jewelry, and throughout the night, we can see its great changes of look. The “bad very bad night”, Maribel Verdú, has opted for Dior for the occasion. A combined black and white with large flowers and jewels floral dress.

We can not say nothing of Paula Echevarría but… awesome! You have chosen a Pains promise able to lose consciousness to any emerald green dress. Cleavage of vertigo in the form of V, tight body and small tail, the actress safe that has left more than one with the mouth open.

Although his collected has not been the most successful for many, the truth is that Amaia Salamanca was gorgeous with a design in black and nude, a choice little risky but very successful.

Angela Molina very discreet as always, opted for the rigorous black for the occasion. A long dress, equally long sleeve and a small jewel chest detail.

Blanca Suarez wanted to imitate the mythical pose of Angelina Jolie in a black dress with asymmetrical neckline and a large side opening, but failed with his election. With the beautiful that is, the great body that has and what impressed that we had left in his last appearances, on this occasion we don’t like very much.

Macarena Garcia, one of the prettiest of the night. The young actress each day I prefer, and for the occasion has chosen a design of Greek-style red passion, combined with jewelry and a collected, giving you a more Hellenic air.

On twitter, some have wanted it to compare with a “Mikolapiz”, but Manuela Velasco was very pretty with this dress in yellow color volume with ruffle neckline. The actresses and celebrities are destroying superstition with this color, and pose spectacular yellow.

Michelle Jenner in his line… not usually I like a lot this actress with their choices for the red carpet. And for the Goya has chosen a dress with V neck color nude with applications jewel that recharge too its styling.

Belen Rueda has opted for discretion and elegance for the occasion. A very flattering black dress, which has combined with jewelry and silver clutch and a collected romantic who has subtracted him years.

Brightness They could not miss in the night of the film. As well as Inma Cuesta I think it will quite successful with a strapless sheath dress in silver from Lorenzo Caprile; Goya Toledo believe he encountered combine your look; Despite appears to be a bubble of Freixenet, the Elie Saab is impressive, but it has spoiled it by choosing a jewel in silver.