If you’ve inherited an heirloom diamond, a beautiful way to use it in your own jewelry is put on the engagement ring . Although there are many styles of attachment available, not all will work for your diamond. Therefore, it is wise to take it to a professional jeweler to have the diamond size recorded to help you find the perfect arrangement.

The dilemma reconfigure
If the diamond of your grandmother still has its original configuration, think carefully if you want to re-set the stone . Your family may feel offended if you make plans to destroy the ring the minute you get it. However, if you converse with your grandmother (or the person who gave you the ring) and ask their permission, the transformation can be accepted more easily. For example, if the repair mentioned the configuration would be more expensive than a new one. O raises the fact that you only use white gold and metal ring is yellow. If the setting is too high to be practical in your life, for example, a cathedral setting, say you’d put your finger closer to diamond.

engagement rings using diamond

Make the stone look larger
If your hands are bigger than your grandmother , then chances are the stone of choice is best suited to small hands to yours. Make the diamond appear larger than its actual size by selecting a setting with stones that surround the stone center. This addition visually increases the size of the stone center, particularly if the diamonds are the same color and clarity. This aspect can also be achieved with baguette diamonds on both sides of cut stone .

Sporting a deep cut diamond
Diamonds with a deep cut to show off the most deserving. The architecture of the cathedral is very high and your teeth are spaced to allow light to enter the diamond from all angles. This allows the diamond to sparkle and reflect light to its fullest potential. However, if your diamond does not have enough height to fill a cathedral setting a higher solitary configuration will create the same effect.

Take full advantage of a shallow cut
Most of the diamonds can be used in conventional arrangements with teeth or voltage settings. However, if your diamond is too low to work in a traditional solitaire setting, consider a bezel setting. These settings hold the diamond bezel with an edge that completely surrounds you. They also cover all facets of the diamond edges, protecting it from scratches and bumps of everyday. These cuts are often enhanced with side stones, but it is an optional addition.