Color can go a black gum shortly sophisticated transforming a pink dress with fabric dye. It’s easy to do, especially if your dress is made of natural fabrics. Follow package directions dye and take your time. The result should be a spectacular black dress that you yourself have changed.

Dyed black

What color? Accessories I can wear with a hot pink dress?

Although textile dyeing pale to dark one is always easier than the reverse, there are no guarantees. Your dress can be totally fabulous and just as you wanted, or you could look unexpectedly different.

It could be noted the original tone remains in the final product: your dress could look more like dark pink and black. To minimize this effect, consider using a color remover before dyeing the dress.

Types of dyes
The type of dye you should use depends on the type of fabric of the dress. Different dyes either cotton and silk to cashmere and wool, or leather and denim. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon are particularly difficult to dye so that it will be at your own risk.
The instructions vary according to the type of dye you use, but in general, you should soak the clothes in a bucket of dye, which can get dirty quickly. Get yourself some plastic gloves, chopsticks or a stainless steel bucket, plus sponges and mop to clean the stains that remain.

Installs an area where your dress dry it, either you put it on a towel in your bathtub or on plastic in a place where the way. Use old clothes and slowly removes the dye during the dyeing process.

Before beginning these instructions take a look at your dress. Do you have buttons or embellishments that you must remove before coloring? Most plastic items are not stained, but ribbons and other objects made of other fabrics, and if they are of a different material than might dress the color you get will be different if you leave posts.

Decide if you want to risk before proceeding. Pink and black look cute together, so I leave the original color accessories can be great. In case you’re interested in knowing more info on travel, stop by