No matter the size of your waist, hips, chest or thighs, you look thinner by putting clothes that favors your shape. When you wear clothes you look good, you look slimmer and trimmer. It also helps to wear heels and keep the length of your dresses and skirts to the knees to show more leg, which lengthens the body. Sometimes you can use to mark the waist belts. This gives you an hourglass figure.

how to dress to look




Buy jeans that are darker and straight cut. The dark color and the straight line make your legs look thinner. When you try on jeans, should fit the widest part of your body and follow it straight from there. If you have tummy would be a good idea to buy pants that fasten to the front to conceal. The jeans are more sophisticated and can use them for work if you have a casual dress day.

The tops should always be the right size for your body. Make sure you look good in the shoulders and never get beyond the crotch. If the blouse is longer, will only make you look more petite. The blouses are usually flattering clip. The jerseys should be thin rather than thick. The blouses of silk and chiffon must fit smoothly into the body helping to cover up the tummy. Also, blouses must wear dress perfectly, if opened from a button and another wears a size larger.
Use dresses with empire. This emphasizes the smallest part of your body just below the bust. Sometimes they bring a washcloth in that part or you can use a belt to mark the waist. The length of the dress Nunce must go beyond the knee. If you prefer skirts, cutting uses A to mark the waist and fall away from your body.

Putting you on structured jacket shirts or blouses can accentuate your waist and bust. A jacket can also disguise the tummy. The jackets must fit in the shoulders and not have shoulder pads, which only make you look wider. Short jackets or half waist hip are best, because they shorten your torso and lengthen your legs.

Test dark pants or skirts and blouses of colors. The colors can make you look thinner, especially the colors of precious stones such as cherry, emerald, chocolate coffee, etc..